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Get 25% OFF Thai Frenzy Buderim on Monday

Simply show your wow card upon purchase of your meal and receive 25% OFF the total bill. *Minimum Order for 2 people*

1. Order your card


Becoming a member of Student Wow Card will be one of the best decisions you make this year. With exclusive student discounts at over 250 popular retailers and businesses on the Sunshine Coast you will find it hard to go a day without using the card at least once!

If your looking to do some adventure activities along the way or some partying then you are gonna love your WOW CARD! All you have to do is show the Card In-Store to redeem these amazing discounts over and over again! That’s right there are no limits to how many times you can use each discount.

Get the card

2. Enjoy access to 200+ member only deals

Each card has a Valid date of February 2017. With so many places to use your WOW CARD its just a matter of time before you will be able to use your card almost everywhere in Australia.

Focused on Queensland for now, we offer students amazing on-going benefits throughout the year. To Suggest a discount please email us we would love to hear your thoughts!


2. Redeem discounts in-store and online

Over 90% of participating stores have a sticker on their door or register saying they accept a Student Wow Card. If they don’t display a sticker please ask them if they take the card as we get new discounts all the time!


3. How Does Student Wow Card Benefit Everyone?

Student Wow Card is creating a community where students can feel financially supported and where businesses can get the attraction they deserve. We work to organise community events and better the presence of Student Wow Card and local businesses to the public. Read More

If you would like to help promote Student Wow Card and earn some sweet cash for doing so, please contact